1.Lubricating your garage door

Lubricate your garage door in order to keep it running smoothly. A noisy and squeaky door is a sign that your garage door may need to be lubricated. Lubricating all the moving parts once or twice a year can help to keep the door in good shape and will extend the time between garage door repairs and replacements. Be sure not to use a silicone lube. A lithium-based grease is a good choice. Be sure to lube the rollers, bearings, springs, hinges and pulleys. Do not lube the track. If you are unsure of how to lubricate your garage door, call a pro for a tune up.

2. Clear out all Debris

Cleaning your garage of dirt and debris is part of the maintenance process. Garage door systems can be sensitive and an accumulation of dirt and debris will interfere with their operation. Using a soft bristle broom to go over the door and be sure to include the space under the door as well as the tracks, rollers, hinges and the opener safety sensors. Be careful when cleaning springs and cables as they are under high tension. Doing this every few months can prolong the life of your garage door.

3. Tighten up hardware

Most garage doors cycle up and down several times a day. Over time the motion and vibration will put wear on the door which may loosen screws, nuts, bolts and track hardware. Check out the brackets holding the door tracks to the wall and to the ceiling as well as the fasteners anchoring the garage door opener unit. Examine and tighten all the roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench. Be careful of the red headed screws and screws which hold anything attached to the springs and cables. There is a lot of tension here and removing or over adjusting in this area could cause injury. Call a pro if you need help.

4. Replace Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping at the bottom of the door helps to keep out the heat, the cold, debris, critters and water. In most cases this seal is made of rubber and it will wear out over time. There are many different versions of this seal which are made by different manufacturers. This seal can be replaced with original OEM seal or a new seal retainer can be installed to accept an aftermarket seal. Aftermarket seal can be found in most big box stores, however, most OEM seal will need to be replaced by a pro. The weather stripping on the perimeter of the door will also get brittle and wear over time. Again, this perimeter seal can also be found in the big box stores. Be sure to not install perimeter seal to tightly as it will interfere with the door operation. If you have any doubt, call a pro to get this done for you.

If issues seem to be apparent and/or you are unable to do these maintenance tips yourself then, call the pro’s at Hutchins Garages Doors. Our commercial and residential garage door technicians have many years of experience and we are fully insured. Hutchins offers free estimates for door replacement, opener replacement, opener and door repair and more. Most repairs can be done the same day that you call. Call 512-442-5301 or email us at info@huthinsgaragedoors.com