Austin Garage Door Opener Repair

People rely on their garage door operating every day. When it malfunctions or becomes inoperable, it can stop life in its tracks. When this happens, rely on timely Austin garage door opener repair by Hutchins Garage Doors. 

Time and everyday wear and tear cause stress on garage door components. This can be a frayed or broken cable, snapped spring, damaged roller or tracking, or dented garage door. If your garage door sounds different or struggles to open or close, it’s time for professional garage door opener repair in Austin TX. 

Common Types of Austin Garage Door Opener Repair

The experts at Hutchins have seen it all and can troubleshoot your garage door’s issues and promptly repair. Common Austin garage door opener repair services include roller replacement, track realignment, cable repair, and garage door panel replacement. 

Garage door rollers can come off track due to dirt and grime buildup in the tracks, lack of lubrication, or damaged tracks. When you hear a grinding or clicking sound, it is time to replace with nylon ball bearing rollers. These durable ball bearing rollers will outlast plastic or metal rollers and are less noisy. 

If your garage door is jerking or bouncing, the track alignment may be damaged. By scheduling garage door opener repair in Austin TX at the onset, you can avoid costly repairs or replacement later on. A Hutchins service technician can promptly repair or replace the damaged track. 

Garage door cables are under a lot of pressure and can fray or break. When this happens the garage door is most likely stuck and inoperable. Due to the nature of the door cables, have a qualified technician take care of your Austin garage door opener repair to avoid serious harm or injury. 

As any other component, the actual garage door is susceptible to destructive effects of the weather, normal wear and tear, and accidental damage. This may be a single panel or complete replacement. With our garage door opener repair in Austin TX you can expect restoration of your garage door.    

Hutchins for Garage Door Opener Repair in Austin TX

Hutchins is a trusted source for Austin garage door opener repair. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate at 512-442-5301.