Austin Overhead Garage Door Repair

There is no other company in the area that provides better Austin overhead garage door repair than Hutchins Garage Doors. For nearly 30 years, we’ve delivered unsurpassed quality, efficiency and customer services. We’ll do everything we can to take care of your overhead garage door repair in Austin TX as fast as possible. If you’re a homeowner, we’ll get you back to normal with minimal disruption to your daily routine. If you run a business, we’ll take care of your repair fast, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of downtime.

Is Your Door Moving Slowly? Contact Us for Garage Door Repair

There are a lot of reasons why people contact us for Austin overhead garage door repair. One of the more common ones is that their door is operating a lot slower than normal. Here are a couple of potential causes of this problem.

  • Age – If your door is old, that could mean certain parts are starting to wear out. The torsion springs, for instance, may not be working as they should. That can contribute to the door not moving like normal. Get in touch with us so we can take care of your overhead garage door repair in Austin TX. 
  • Lubrication – There’s a chance your door might seem too slow because the tracks, rollers and hinges aren’t sufficiently lubricated. All of these parts need to have the right amount of lubrication at all times in order to reduce stress. This will help keep your door operating properly for years to come. At the same time, however, the right lubrication is critically important. Some do-it-yourselfers will use WD-40. While this is a great product for other areas of your home, it’s not so good for your garage door. Your garage door needs a certain amount of grease in order to do its job. WD-40 removes that grease.

Hutchins Garage Doors Experts are Ready to Help

No matter what kind of Austin overhead garage door repair you may need, we will take care of it quickly and efficiently. Contact Hutchins Garage Doors online to schedule service, or call 512-442-5301.