Bastrop Rolling Steel Doors

If you run a rec center, Bastrop rolling steel doors will be a perfect solution to your security and storage needs. Whether your facility is an indoor arena, a fitness complex, a training facility, a gym or anything similar, you should get in touch with Hutchins Garage Doors so we can spell out all of your options. Our rolling steel doors in Bastrop TX are not only secure and durable, they’re also very affordable. We’ll provide you a versatile, space-efficient solution no matter what your needs may be.

Will a Light-Duty or Heavy-Duty Rolling Door Be the Better Option?

There are a few considerations you’ll need to take into account when shopping for Bastrop rolling steel doors. One of the most important ones is the kind of door that will be best for your facility. If your door isn’t going to be exposed to harsh weather conditions, then a light-duty door might be a good choice.

If your door will have to deal with the elements, or if you’ll be using the door a great deal, you might want to think about heavy-duty rolling steel doors in Bastrop TX instead. We have doors that can take whatever the weather dishes out, and deliver consistent performance for years and years. 

A Brief Rundown of Rolling Door Components

When looking at different rolling steel doors in Bastrop TX, you might run into some unfamiliar terms. Here’s a brief explanation of just a few of those terms.

  • Saddle clamps – These are parts that help hold the axle drum in place. This is important, because the metal curtain of the door (the part that goes up and down) will roll around the axle drum. Saddle clamps are vital to a door’s durability, and are also one of the reasons rolling steel doors are so easy to install.
  • Door guides – These keep the curtain on its track, and define where the door will start and stop. 
  • Operators – An electric operator is used for automatic doors, while chain-pulled operators are for manually operated doors. 

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