Del Valle Garage Door Opener Repairs

There are a lot of reasons why you might need Del Valle garage door opener repairs. The door might not be working at all, or it might not open or close all the way. If you need garage door opener repairs in Del Valle TX, the pros at Hutchins Garage Doors have the skill and experience needed to provide them. Try a few of these troubleshooting tips first, and then get in touch with us if they don’t work.

The Door isn’t Closing All the Way

Before you call for Del Valle garage door opener repairs, look at the sensors. You’ll see one on each side of your garage, near the bottom of the door. They keep the door from potentially crushing anything that might be in its path. Each sensor shoots a beam of light toward the other. If something interrupts that beam, the door won’t close. Check to see if the sensors are clean and in alignment. If the door still doesn’t operate properly, contact Hutchins Garage Doors for garage door opener repairs in Del Valle TX.

The Door Doesn’t Open Completely

If your door is stuck partially open, check the manual lock. If that’s not engaged, then pull on the rope hanging down from the opener. This should allow you to fully open the garage door. If the door still won’t budge, then you probably have an issue with the door instead of the opener. That means you’ll need to get in touch with Hutchins Garage Doors.

Of course, the issue could just be that the batteries in the remote need to be changed. If that’s not the problem, there should be a wall switch that will power the door. Does turning that switch open the door? Then that could mean the lock switch on the remote has been engaged. Try turning that switch off. If you’re still having the same issue, you might either need a new remote, or you’ll need garage door opener repairs in Del Valle TX because the receiver in the opener is not working right.

Contact Hutchins Garage Doors online or call 512-442-5301 for the best Del Valle garage door opener repairs in the area.