Choosing A Garage Door Repair Company

When asked to write the top reasons for choosing who to perform garage door repair Austin TX, a lot came to my mind. There are many more than ten reasons for choosing a garage door repair company to mind. Hutchins Garage Doors is like other home service companies. Garage Door Service is very much like AC repair, electrical service and plumbing.

 First to start things off, if your garage door looks like the one below you are going to want to give us a call and get either a Garage Door repair or a Garage door replacement

Garage Door Replacement


I polled a few Hutchins Garage Doors customers. A few friends as well as business buddies for opinions and got a lot of material. I got a lot of questions also: What about garage door replacement? garage door upgrades? garage door openers? new garage doors on new homes? At Hutchins Garage Doors we do all this garage door related service and more.

So here is my opinion on Garage Door Repair

The basis of the original question is why and who should I choose as my garage door service company in Austin TX? . You will want to choose an established garage door service company. With many years in the garage door opener and garage door install business. That equals loads of experience with many different brands and products. For instance, here at Hutchins Garage Doors we work on all major garage door brands. Such as Raynor, Haas, Amarr, Wayne Dalton and More. We also work with all major Garage Door openers. Such as Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Amarr, Marantec and more. So, go with experience.
Garage Door InstallationGarage Door Installation Garage Door Installation

What to Avoid when looking for Garage Door Repair

Avoid the single garage door repair guy who works out of his truck. Sure, they can get basic parts from the local supply house but can they get the exact and OEM parts at dealer cost? For the most part, no! Many of these guys in a non-marked truck are not insured. It is too much of a risk to let anyone who is not insured work on your property. This is even more important when it involves a new garage door install.

The better or best things to look out for Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Service companies will have a legit and robust website. Look in the gallery for sample work, read about what they do, look at their star rating, and read a few reviews. Does this garage doors company do what you need to have done? Do they do garage door spring repair? Garage door opener repair? Roller replacement? Glass repair and replacement? Garage door panel replacement? track repair? Completely new garage door replacements? Do they do a simple tune up with inspection of all parts and a discount plan? You’ll want a pro and appreciate someone who can deliver on all aspects of your garage door garage door needs.

Something I always Ask

Here is something that I would always ask a garage door service company. What is your smallest charge for a garage door repair or lowest price for a new garage door? You should be able to get a lowest cost for the service you request. often there will be a travel charge for tolls and fuel, a labor charge, parts charge if needed, disposal charge or a simple service charge. After all you are going to pay something to get your garage door working properly and safely, but, it is nice to know the minimums before you engage.

Some thoughts

Here is a thought. Don’t consider a company just because you see their ads everywhere. Garage Door ads do not mean they are looking out for your best interest. Yes, they look flashy and it’s attractive to see the huge $200 to $500 OFF your new garage door. But not so fast. Who manufactures this new garage door? Is it quality? Can you compare apples for apples and voice prices? You might see something like $50 off your repair today! $50 off of someone else’s garage door service still may be more expensive than a Hutchins Garage Doors service call. Be aware and don’t fall for the ads that are too good to be true. Stick with a reputable garage door pro in a marked and decaled service truck.

What to Check

Check if the Garage or overhead door company has an actual office or showroom. Get on their website and google the address. Look at street view. Is it an actual business or is it a vacant lot or an abandoned building? Many of these non-lice
nsed plain truck guys have beautiful and well-done websites. Is it legit? Many service companies such as AC service, Electrical Service, Window replacement service and garage doors and overhead door services, just to mention a few, fall into this questionable group. Many legitimate companies will have brick and mortar locations. When Overhead Door Service companies have showroom and warehouse locations, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can do business with them, and you’ll know where to go if you like or need face to face conversations.

Found a Real Pro

Once you have found a real pro and made your decision of who you are going to work with, consider this: When the pro shows up to your house, are they in a company logo shirt? We will be in a Hutchins shirt when you chose to work with us at Hutchins Garage Doors. Do they have a company logo business card? Our service technicians and sale associates have pictured business cards or ID’s. Are the sales and technicians able to easily diagnose the issues and give you an easy to understand explanation of the service needed. Are they diligent and ready to start and finish the job? If so, you’re probably in good hands. A good pro will be quick as they will have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done efficiently and correctly. You may think that by getting the job done quickly it’s not worth what you are paying. Remember a real pro will be in demand and is busy. They will own highly effective tools to get the job done quickly, safely and properly. They won’t waste time as they have other clients to attend to.


Okay so what about a garage door warranty or guarantee. This is a big one. Remember the guy in the unmarked truck? Is he still in town? What about his warranty? How about the guy with the fancy ads and deep discounts? Is he still
 in town? What about his/her warranty? How about the manufacturer and the products that make up your door and opener? Are they still in business and have they been a known name for a good period of time? Are they reputable manufacturers with iron clad warranties? Will the company stand behind your new garage door opener? What about the overhead door warranty? Can you get it in writing? You should be able to get iron clad warranties from you garage door installer and the manufacturer. Hutchins garage doors has been here for a while. They have relationships with most reputable manufacturers. You can trust Hutchins garage doors to honor their warranties as well as manufacturers warranties.
Getting back to the original question, is this a real top ten. Maybe not as I mentioned more than ten items. If I had to list 10 it would probably look like this:

My Top 10 list:

1) Look for an established garage door company. Established = Honest, Reliable, Price Right.
2) Look for a company who can also do commercial overhead garage doors repairs and installation.
3) Look for a company who has relationships with many mainstream garage door manufacturers.
4) Look for an established company insurance and legit tax number. If no proof of insurance, move on.
5) Look at the website and check out the business rating and recommendations. 4 to 5 stars is solid.
6) Avoid the guy in the non-decaled truck. He’s not your buddy and may not be here for your warranty.
7) Avoid discounts that look too good to be true.
8) Brick and mortar and showroom location or warehouse.
9) The Sales associates are easily identifiable with logo shirts and arrive in a decaled vehicle.
10) Do they honor manufacturer warranties and have their own labor warranty? Get them in writing.

Garage Door ReplacementRed FlagsGarage Door Replacement

These are the things you want to look out for.

  1. I mentioned this one already but it’s worth repeating just this once. An unknown address or an address that is a house. Google the address and look for a physical address.
  1. Watch out for high pressure tactics along with little or no description of explanation of issues. Your technician or sales representative should be able to clearly explain what is included and what is not with your sale or service.
  1. Door to door surprise visits. Some are legit and some are not. You might see this with tree trimming services or with landscaping services but rarely will you see this with garage door repair services or overhead door repair services. Again, look for them on the internet.
  1. Caller ID’s that are blocked or have no name associated with it. Companies that are under several business names often will answer the phone with a generic response such as “Service Dept, Service or How can I help you.” Get their name and company name before you get to the issue. Use locally owned garage door people or companies within 50 miles whenever possible.
  1. Prepayment. Be mindful of a garage door company or overhead door company that demands payment in full before the work has been completed. If a deposit is required, you should receive a receipt of deposit. It does not matter if it is a new garage door, a new garage door opener, a garage door repair or a garage door opener repair, make your payment through an online portal and get a receipt.