What is Garage Door Weather Seal?

Garage Door Weather Gasket

Garage Door Weather Gasket

That is garage door weather seal in the picture above.

Garage door weather seal, also known as weather-stripping and perimeter seal are found on each side of a garage door along the edges. Have you ever looked around your garage door and noticed light coming through? Or woken up in the middle of the night to a wet garage?  If so then you may be in need of some garage door weather seal. It helps keep your garage door cooler, drier and more bug free.

If that is all you needed to know and you are now ready to decide on purchasing some seal and getting it installed you can go ahead and click on this link and we can get you taken care of as soon as possible.

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You may be asking yourself why do I need a seal on my garage doors?

There are several different kinds and options available. The type you need may depend on the manufacturer and model of the door you have. Although in most cases we can retrofit with a universal seal retainer.

A garage door needs to fit inside the hole that was made for it, and it needs to come up evenly and go down evenly. That is always the goal when we do a garage door installation. Sometimes though the floor can be uneven, concrete doesn’t always dry perfectly straight. The other type of garage door weather seal you may need would be a bottom seal, its a seal that goes on the bottom. It helps keep out rain, leaves, and grass. It can also help keep out bugs and other small animals that might be trying to get into your garage. As you can see from the picture below, bottom seal is a little different than the perimeter seal that you saw in the picture above.

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Garage Door Bottom Seal

The bottom seal is usually made of harder rubber that is thicker and more durable than the seal that goes on the side of the door. The reason behind this is because it will be under the garage door, so it will have to be able to take more of a beating and hold up to more water.

Does that answer all the questions you had about the weather seal on your garage door or about why you wake up to find a wet garage? If so then just click this link and we can get your new weather seal installed asap.

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Garage Door  Seal Installation

We will use mostly aluminum retainers but in some cases we can use a plastic one. Either of these will screw into the bottom of the door and will have a track on it that will hold the seal in place. The Bottom seal that we install for you will be wide enough to make sure you have no light coming through. If you are not sure what the size of your garage door is, just click this link to schedule a free estimate and have a pro come out and look at your door today.

We install a wide variety of garage door brands and because of that we know what type of garage door seal will work best on your garage door. If you are not sure which type of garage door you have we can come out and give you a free estimate or you can click on one of the links below and see if you are able to find your garage door through one of our industry leading garage door supplies.

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When to Change Your Garage Door Seal

When installed the bottom seal should be shaped like a U and at the top it should be T shaped. Those t shaped edges allow it to fit into the retainer that goes onto the bottom of the garage door. That piece of metal is called a Bottom retainer and they are usually made of metal. That bottom retainer is attached to the bottom of the garage door. To make it easier to replace for a garage door repair.

Garage Door Bottom Retainer

Garage Door Bottom Retainer

Garage door seal or gasket can become dry and cracked through weathering or can get torn. If your gasket door gasket looks like the picture below than you may need to schedule a garage door repair today.

Garage door bottom seal

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Advantages in Using A Garage Door Top Seal

The top of the garage door can also get a seal. Unsuprisingly that is called a top seal or Garage door top gasket. It can be very usueful in areas where it gets very hot outside. Garage Door Top Gasket helps cut your energy bill down a little bit and helps keep your garage door cooler. It will also help the life of your garage door, by keeping water out of it. Which will prevent you from having to call us and a schedule a garage door repair.

Garage Door Top Seal

Garage Door Top Seal

It is good to check your garage door weather seal on a regular basis. Call us to replace it if you notice rips or tears. If you want to have it replaced then call a pro at Hutchins Garage Doors. We will be sure to get the right bottom seal or perimeter seal for your door.

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