Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner. Let’s get in the Halloween spirit and spookify the garage door. This is a time where you can really have fun with your garage door as well as the rest of your house. We forget about the garage and don’t use it to its full ability for various holiday decorations. Hutchins Garage Doors has decided to give you some creative ideas and give your home some spooky curb appeal that neighbors will love. If you wanna go simple or all out we can help get your creative juices flowing. We have a range of options for your garage this Halloween.

There are several options big and small ranging from cute pumpkin decals to giant scary 3D jack o’lanterns. Some of the decals even have effects like a monster coming out from the garage. You can purchase these items at stores such as Wal Mart, Party City & Target or shop online at amazon to find the exact halloween design you are searching for. There are a wide range of decals from stickers to magnets just find the ones that fit in with what you are looking for and also fit your budget.

If you want to be creative and have the desire to do some arts and crafts, try these ideas.

You can use a large roll of black craft foam to cut out a spooky scene, maybe a witch at her calderon or flying on her broomstick, a spooky house with a moon and a black cat, bats or spiders covering the garage, a coffin, or perhaps just cover it in scary faces.

Painting a tarp is another fun and easy way to decorate the garage, painting a scary scene, or a jacko lantern, a giant mouth with sharp teeth, or huge spider. A tarp is easy setup as well as easy take down.

If you would like to go with more of a cute look then a scary look you could use a large piece of felt or cloth and make a smiley jacko lantern.

Another fun idea is using different shades of tape to make a cute or scary face out of your garage and use some fun fridge at the top to look like hair.

Another easy but fun garage door decoration is giant spiders and webbing hanging from one end of your garage to the other end, both in and out but be sure to get rid of any real spider webs first. You could also add to the decor by placing other objects such as bugs, skeletons, bats, and then in your yard add some foam tombstones and pull the spider web all along your yard all the way up to your garage, put a smoke machine out and let the spookiness flow.

These are just a few fun ideas for your home this Halloween season. There are many more and you can get creative and add even more to each one of these ideas and put your personal touch on it. Hutchins Garage Doors ask you to be safe and enjoy yourself this Halloween!

If your garage is making spooky or squeaky sounds that you did not intend then maybe give Hutchins Garage Door a call and get a pro out there to do an annual tune up and inspect all the parts and pieces of your garage door. Our commercial and residential garage door technicians have many years of experience and we are fully insured. Hutchins offers free consultations for door replacement and opener replacement and affordable pricing for opener and door repair. Most repairs can be done same day that you call. So call us today at 512-442-5301 or email us at info@hutchinsgaragedoors.com