Manor Modern Garage Doors

Manor garage doors are more beautiful and functional than ever before. They’re built of incredibly strong materials that can take a pounding from the weather in Texas. But even modern garage doors in Manor TX need to be repaired from time to time. If this is the case at your home, get in touch with Hutchins Garage Doors. Our professional technicians have decades of experience, and will get your door back to normal in no time.

Common Garage Door Repairs

As great as Manor modern garage doors are, they can develop problems. Most of these issues need to be addressed by a skilled expert. If any of the following issues affect your modern garage doors in Manor TX, get in touch with us rather than trying to take care of them on your own.

  • Spring replacement – If a spring breaks on a garage door, the door will no longer work. You might think that you could take this kind of repair on yourself, but the chances are you can’t. If you try, you could wind up getting seriously injured. Leave this kind of a job to Hutchins Garage Doors instead.
  • Broken cable replacement – This is one of the most common garage door repairs. But it’s also very dangerous. The cables in modern garage doors in Manor TX are under a lot of tension. If one snaps, that could whip the cable. If that happens, the results could be devastating. Replacing a broken cable is a job that requires a lot of experience.
  • Getting a door back on track – The rollers in your garage door make it possible for it to go up and down. When a roller is bent or broken, then the door can’t function properly. If you try to go the DIY route, you could easily make a mistake that could worsen the problem. 

Take Those Risks Out of the Equation

If you ever have problems with your Manor garage doors, please don’t try to fix them yourself. The potential risks just aren’t worth it. Get in touch with the experts at Hutchins Garage Doors and let us take care of whatever issues you have. Call 512-442-5301 or contact us online to schedule service.