It’s a new year and it’s time to instead of making some resolutions, set some goals.Get the Garage door repair done. Garage goals for improvement. Here are some ideas from Hutchins Garage Doors.

  1. Check the health of your garage door.

    It may appear that your garage is well but look closer.Most garage doors are in need of a Garage Door Repair Is it time for new garage door weather seal? To get some rollers replaced? For a garage door tune up? Sometimes we overlook the general needs of our garage door. But this year check the health and take the steps to care for the heaviest moving object in your home.

  2. Is it time for a Garage Door Repair

A garage door is like a car sometimes it just needs a repair. Does your garage door squeak when it goes up or down? If it does you may want to give us a call. Does your garage door go up too              slowly? You may need to schedule a garage door repair. How is that spring looking? Is it rusted? We can do a garage door spring replacement for you. Or maybe you want to have the best                  looking garage door in your neighborhood, if that is the case give us a call and we can get you a brand new garage door from one of our various dealers.

Garage Door Installation Garage Door Installation Garage Door Installation


  1. Is It Time for Some Garage Door Insulation?

    Insulated a garage door can keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Are you started new projects this year and plan to spend some time in your garage? Well you will more likely be willing to spend time in an insulated garage.

  2. Smart Garage Doors

    Make you garage a smart garage by getting a new Wi-Fi capable garage door opener or a Chamberlain Smart garage hub. With a Wi-Fi connected to your garage you can download the MyQ app and control your door from anywhere. But, that’s not all you can have in-garage delivery with Amazon. Take away some of the little stresses and get a smart garage door opener.

  3. Clean, Organized Garage

    Get your garage organized. Get rid of stuff you don’t use and don’t need. Add storage space to the walls or ceiling. Make your garage more than just a storage space. Make use of this great space you have in your home.

  4. Garage Security

    Last but not least improve your security. It doesn’t matter what you keep in your garage, you want to keep it safe from thieves. Make sure you have a slide lock in place if there is no opener. Also think about putting a camera outside as well as inside the garage if you don’t already have one.