Residential Garage Doors

Hutchins Offers a Variety of Stock and Custom Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors

Add Value And Style To Your Home With a New Residential Garage Door


For many years, Hutchins Garage Doors has transformed countless homes across the greater Austin area including Round Rock & Lakeway. We’re local and family-owned, and we love helping our neighbors make the most of their properties. That’s why we offer a wide range of residential garage doors in Austin TX. With a variety of constructions and styles available, our custom and stock doors will fit any home beautifully!


Hutchins Garage Doors can help you with your new garage door installation.  We install standard everyday garage doors as well as high end custom full view garage doors. Hutchins Garage Doors can build your garage door to order with a variety of styles and colors. What makes us unique is that we serve as a dealer for many residential garage door makers. As a result, we have access to the door you want and can install your new garage door quickly. We also have a showroom where you can come to us to view the different garage door styles, or we can bring our showroom to you. Therefore, with access to such a wide range of residential garage doors and openers we have many options to suit your style and budget.


Our garage door replacements will do more than just improve your home’s exterior. New garage doors do boost property value. Many of our doors include new technology that boost energy efficiency and reduce wear-and-tear. Our garage door systems often include new openers which have features such as WiFi, cameras, auto bolt locking, back battery power and more which adds to your home security.

Wondering which style door will best suit your home? Our range of stock and handcrafted, customizable doors are made to fit a wide variety of architectural styles. From classic, to carriage-style doors, to modern Full View glass-and-aluminum doors, Hutchins has something for you.

Read on to learn more about our residential garage doors. When you find something you like on our site, on the web or on someone else’s house, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at 512-442-5301. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to help!

Garage Door Showroom To See The Colors, Designs & Styles

Garage Door Dealer With Access To A Wide Variety Of Quality Residential Garage Doors

Expert Staff Who Are Knowledgeable & Skillful

Hutchins Garage Doors Is Available, Responsive, & Quick To Serve Your Needs

Hutchins Garage Doors Honors All Manufacturer Warranties Plus We Have A 1 Year Warranty On Our Service And Labor


There is nothing like an authentic wood door. The richness and beauty of real wood can greatly enhance the look and façade of your home. Hutchins Garage Doors will build you a custom wood garage door here in our Austin workshop. This allows us to ensure the quality and unique features of the door you’ll get to choose or design. Is there a particular type of wood that you would like to use for your door? Do you have a design or color in mind? Would you like a custom swingout door? Would you like to have windows or an arch on the top of your garage doors? Whatever it is, we’ve done it and we’ll do it for you!

Take a look at our gallery and see a sampling of our wood doors. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the gallery, don’t worry! We have many more designs that are available to you. Or if you’d like a garage door exactly tailored to your individual aesthetic, simply present a design and share your thoughts. We’ll make it happen!


It looks nice, but can your wood garage door stand the heat? The Central Texas environment can put a lot of stress on a wood garage door. That’s why we build your custom wood design over a heavy duty commercial metal door, as it is the most durable and cost-effective method for this type of build. The wood door is carefully attached with strong glue and secured with screws from the backside. The door is also insulated from the backside. The result is a durable and energy-efficient door with no nail holes or blemishes on the front. These wood garage doors are beautiful with only the natural knots and character of the rich wood grain displayed on the outside.

Because of the intense Texas summer heat, it is best to use Western Red, kiln-dried cedar. This wood is insect-resistant, light-weight and cost-effective. However, if you would like to use something different to better match your home, you have the option to choose whichever wood you’d like.



Raynor BuildMark® insulated steel pan residential garage doors offer a traditional look at an affordable price. Choose from the time-honored ranch and colonial patterns or customize your garage with a carriage house design.




Raynor Aspen™ Series steel residential garage doors provide the ultimate in safety, quality and energy efficiency in a steel, three-layer construction door design. The Aspen Series features Raynor’s proprietary WeatherLock™ section joint, providing unyielding strength, section joint weather seal and thermal break to lock out cold and heat.


An inspiration in both form and function, Raynor StyleView™ garage doors offer architectural flexibility, maximum visibility, and extreme durability in a maintenance-free aluminum garage door. The Custom Profile, Wide Profile, and Narrow Profile models feature a series of unprecedented designs, architectural glass options, 7 anodized finishes, and 188 ArmorBrite™ Powder Coat System color finishes for showcasing a home’s unique flair. From modern styles to classic facades, StyleView is the choice for achieving a contemporary look or accentuating the design of an older residence.


Frequently Asked Questions

What warranties do you offer?

We honor all manufacturer guarantees.

Hutchins has its own 1 year warranty on service and labor as well as a lifetime warranty on springs (customer pays for labor if they need replacement).  Where most companies go out of business and can’t keep their warranties, Hutchins Garage Doors have been around since 1997.  We will be around to honor our warranties.

What is the wait time for a custom build?

This all depends on the type of door and the manufacturer. Since march of 2021, most garage door manufacturers have experienced increased lead times due to changes in the labor market and supply chain disruptions. Increasing commodity prices such as for wood and steel and the shortage of these materials are also contributing to increased cycle times.

The lead time for custom ordered doors as of the end of April 2022 is running 6 to 16 weeks. The lead time for custom doors is getting better everyday, but keep in mind that you should plan for increased lead time and delays.

However, if you are in the market for a standard garage door and opener, we stock most everything you will need in our warehouse. Call us here at Hutchins Garage Doors to let us know what you need and when you’ll need it. We’ll get it done for you. Call 512-442-5301

Why does my opener work intermittently?

When your remote does not signal your door to open or close, there are several reasons why this may be happening.

The battery may be weak or it may have died.  You should consider changing them every two years.

The safety eyes may not be pointed toward one another. If not lit, inspect the wiring to be sure that all connections are terminated and secure.

Check your ground fault switches or circuit breakers to be sure the opener is getting power.

The signal between the opener and the remote could be disrupted. Your remote control may be out of range. Check to be sure that the antenna is extended and not damaged. Extend the antenna or clean away debris.

The signal between the remote and opener may have been disrupted, and you’ll need to reconnect it. If you cannot get it working or have an issue, call us and we’ll get a technician out to help.

When you find that the remote is not the issue, it is now time to look toward the photo eye and wall button wiring. Inspect the wiring to be sure it is not damaged, cut or disconnected. If all looks good then it is time to give us a call to dispatch a technician. It could be an internal problem or a circuit board issue. We’ll look closely at the system to diagnose the problem and to get your door and opener working properly and safely. Hutchins Garage Doors number is 512-442-5301