Spicewood Rolling Steel Doors

As reliable as Spicewood rolling steel doors are, they can develop problems just like any other kind of door. If you need rolling steel door repair, the professionals with Hutchins Garage Doors will be here for you. We’ve seen just about every type of problem you can imagine, and we’ve fixed them all efficiently and effectively. We’ll have your rolling steel doors in Spicewood TX working again in no time.

Common Issues With Rolling Steel Doors

There are certain issues that develop in Spicewood rolling steel doors. The biggest problem is that the door won’t open or close as easily as normal. These are just a few of the potential reasons why this might happen.

  • The door wasn’t properly leveled during installation – In order for rolling steel doors in Spicewood TX to work correctly, that have to be aligned correctly. The installer may have opted for the old-fashioned “eyeball test” rather than actually go to the trouble of using a leveler. At Hutchins Garage Doors, we never take this type of shortcut when we install a door. In fact, we don’t take any shortcuts.
  • The header alignment is off – Another common installation mistake is placing the headers in the wrong position – either too far back or too far forward. As a result, the track won’t hit the guides as they should, and the door won’t operate smoothly. 
  • The door is damaged – A lot of commercial customers use rolling steel doors in Spicewood TX in areas such as warehouses. Of course, you’ll often find forklifts in these environments. This type of heavy machinery can do some serious damage. Thankfully, though, damage due to an impact is usually pretty easy to repair. 

Contact Hutchins Garage Doors for Rolling Steel Door Repairs

If there’s something wrong with your Spicewood rolling steel doors, turn to the experts with Hutchins Garage Doors. We’ll quickly figure out what’s wrong, and then determine the best way to go about fixing it – with minimal, if any, downtime. Schedule service by using our online contact form or by calling 512-442-5301.